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#lifeCRAFT DAY 3 - MIND your own business

You see, on stage (or on set) the actor has nowhere to hide. He steps onto that battlefield and wages war on behalf of his character’s objectives and there are only two possible outcomes: win or lose, … the job, his lover, the inheritance, or his life. There are no ‘I’ll start tomorrow,’ ‘I can always get this another time, or from somewhere else,’ ‘I guess I don’t really need this that badly,’… 

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#lifeCRAFT DAY 1 - BE an acting coach

There's no plan. No structure, save that of an acting process I've learned at Esper Studio in New York. But that's OK because process creates structure, not the other way around.  I don't have an extensive acting resume. I've spent much of my post-Esper time writing screenplays, directing a short, and teaching/coaching actors. All I know is that 'I'VE JUST CAST MYSELF IN THE ROLE OF... (wait for it Austin Powers) MYSELF!

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'An exercise' is just a label for 'doing'

I was lucky enough to work with a wonderful director, Missy Hernandez, and a talented actress, Angela Washell, on a directing 'exercise' for Missy's Columbia University Film MFA. Missy's mission was to take a pre-written scene and materialize it in a cozy NYC apartment, with a DSLR and minimum crew. The thing that struck me as interesting is that this was an 'exercise,' but we were all doing the same work we'd be doing on any film set. So what differentiates a filmmaking 'exercise' from actual filmmaking? In my opinion, nothing. 

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